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    I am excited to introduce Travel Tales, a new feature where a guest answers questions about his or her adventures. First up is Christine from Adventures of a Pilot Wife!

    Christine from Adventures of a Pilot Wife

    Christine currently uses Sarasota, Florida as her home base. She is a travel blogger, pilot wife, and attorney. She is a loving pom mom two two perfect pups and an all around animal enthusiast. You can most likely catch her cuddling the nearest furry being. She writes about her life as a pilot wife and her travels on her website Adventures of a Pilot Wife to forget why she went to law school.  Catch her latest adventures, whether it’s scuba diving in Bonaire, or lounging in luxury in Bora Bora, by following along on her Instagram.

    Someone asks you where she should travel next. Where are you sending her?

    It really depends on who it is, their budget, and where they are located! I’m obsessed with South Africa, so I would highly recommend to anyone going there, but it depends on so many other factors!

    What is one of your favorite travel stories or memories?

    Most of my favorite travel memories include animals. My favorite memory from the safari I went on in South Africa was a baby elephant coming over to me in the vehicle and using its trunk to throw sand at me. I have it on video too! It was the sweetest thing. The elephant was so playful and had the sweetest eyes. It it a memory I will cherish forever. 

    What is the best thing you’ve had to eat while on vacation?

    This is hard, because I tend to try to find good food every where I travel. The food in Paris can’t be beat though. From casual street food of nutella crepes on the street to elegant meals with medium rare pigeon, France chefs can do no wrong in my eyes. 

    Christine from Adventures of a Pilot Wife

    You are offered an all expenses paid to anywhere in the world. Where are you heading and why?

    Probably the Maldives. It’s on my short term bucket list, but if it’s being paid for, it’s also one of the more expensive places on the bucket list.  Antarctica would also be a close runner up for the same reason. If someone else is paying for it, I might as well go all out!

    What have you learned about yourself through travel?

    I have learned that I am much more independent than I thought. Sometimes travel is tough and pushes you out of your comfort zone. Recovering from that is the best feeling. You also tend to learn that YOUR “norm” isn’t really THE “norm”. It’s eye opening. We all walk around with these internal biases based on where we are from and how we grew up. It’s interesting to see different perspectives. It teaches you a lot about yourself as well. 

    Christine from Adventures of a Pilot Wife

    What other questions do you have for Christine?

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